treaming is a form of digital distribution. Diffusion of data, usually over a network through packets, is often used to distribute multimedia content over the Internet. In this form, the information is not stored by the user on his own computer. Thus, space is not taken up on the hard disk (HD) for later reproduction - except for temporary archiving in the system cache or for the user to actively save the data. The data stream is received and reproduced as it reaches the user.

This allows a user to reproduce copyrighted content on the Internet, without violating those rights, similar to radio or open television, differently from what would happen in the case of content download, where there is storage on HD by configuring a copy. illegal.

The information can be transmitted on several platforms.

The process of streaming audio is the same for video, changing only the bandwidth used and the encoders.

In the case of audio, everything starts on the web radio computer, in a radio studio or at an external event using software, IP codec or even a smarphone.

The data encoded in this first stage is then sent to the 3 dedicated DigitalRM servers, which are within the technical structure of Leaseweb based in the Netherlands.

It is one of the most respected data centers worldwide with the most advanced technical resources.

We currently have 3 active servers: Dallas USA, Amsterdam Netherlands and Singapore.

Each radio sends the same broadcast on two different channels to 2 geographically different servers (USA and Holland). In this way we obtain several advantages: Balancing the flow of listeners between servers, redundancy in the event of a server failure and the possibility of identifying listeners via mobile applications and via the web.

The 3rd server in Singapore, monitors the first 2 and in case of failure of both, it automatically enters Action.

Audio streaming to radios, stores and dedicated circuits (STL) represents about 70% of our operation worldwide with a presence in 32 countries.

These are the streaming areas that we explore today:

• Online radio and web radio transmission
• STL Link between studio and broadcasting center
• Online transmission of events
• Sounding of multicast environments
• Outdoor transmission

Among the most used protocols are Icecast and Shoutcast although Icecast offers a much shorter delay (in the order of 5 seconds) and secure streaming (SSL https) is native, unlike Shoutcast which requires the use of a Proxy Server .

It is certainly the future of multimedia transmission, whether by audio or video.


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