Drive-In pack

With the new reality that we all live due to the Pandemia Covid-19, the “Drive-In” system for cinema and shows has regained strength in the world market.

Communication authorities worldwide have been authorizing the allocation of temporary, low-power FM frequencies so that the audio of the presentation is transmitted via FM and tuned in parked vehicles.

Based on the authorized powers, we have developed a “turnkey” package, either for the purchase of the equipment or for its rental.

High gain directional antenna, in aluminum and detachable.

30Watt BW Broadcast transmitter with built-in digital audio processor and RDS.

Malleable RG213 cable up to 50m for connecting the transmitter to the antenna.

Just send the audio (L and R) to the processor and indicate the frequency assigned.

High transmission and audio quality.

Get more information for your “Drive-In” system.


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